Sunday, November 11, 2012

Ice Cream Sundays - {vanilla}

Vanilla may seem like a rather dull flavor, and might be one that most people only enjoy as a means to an end (turtle sundaes or malted milkshakes, for example).  But this vanilla, it's not like the others.  It's got real personality and stands on its own.  In fact, I would recommend you only eat it alone - no hot fudge or fancy toppings, because they would only detract from the star of the show.  Vanilla's day has finally come!

Of course, the recipe is from David Lebovitz's The Perfect Scoop.  It's a traditional custard style ice cream, which means it's got egg yolks in it (hence the very yellow color).  It's also infused with a vanilla bean and vanilla extract.  It's got a wonderful flavor that would be a shame to drown in any sauce or topping; however, it partners very well with birthday cake, as our family can attest - I made 4 batches of vanilla ice cream recently for my MIL's 80th birthday celebration.


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