Sunday, January 6, 2013

Ice Cream Sundays - {cinnamon}

Our town has a Graeter's Ice Cream shop, which is a regional company in the midwest.  They make very yummy ice cream, and are super-popular.  And for good reason - their ice creams (last time I checked) are all natural, high quality & really delicious.  Anyway, Graeter's makes a tasty cinnamon ice cream (which, interestingly, is a "seasonal" flavor for them) in the Fall, and I usually get it when I'm there & they have it.  It's wonderful, as most of their ice creams are, and full of cinnamon-y flavor.

So, when I made cinnamon ice cream from David Lebovitz's The Perfect Scoop, I'll admit that I was expecting something like Graeter's cinnamon.  While Graeter's is a very yummy benchmark, this recipe tops it.

The first thing I noticed about the ice cream is the color - it's not brown!  I was expecting a brownish hue and maybe even little specks of cinnamon.  But this cinnamon ice cream is disguised as vanilla.  Looks can be deceiving, so here, you really need to taste.  Since we're talking about ice cream, that shouldn't be a problem!

The other noticeable difference is the cinnamon flavor.  The recipe from The Perfect Scoop made an ice cream with a subtle flavor, achieved by letting cinnamon sticks sit in the warm mixture for an hour.  It's not an in-your-face cinnamon, but rather a quiet, yet complex cinnamon.  I loved it & so did the Bachsters.  Poor DH never got a shot at it.  Not a problem, because I foresee this one being requested again.

I love going out for ice cream every now & then - it's a fun treat & nice to let someone else do all the work for a change!  But, this recipe just reminds me that if I want to best ice cream possible, I need to look no further than my own ice cream maker.


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