Friday, January 4, 2013


We have a new addition to the Bach family, as of Christmas morning.  I'm pleased to introduce you to Tiger, DD's leopard gecko:

All Christmas season, our 7-year-old kept repeating one very special request when asked what she wanted: a pet lizard.  And on a trip to the pet store during holiday break, we stopped by and looked at their selection and this is the one she picked out.  What a great guy Santa is for getting her Tiger! 

And I must say, she is taking her new role as Mama very seriously (I've been referred to as Grandma a few times already.  Oh, my).  She changes his water, feeds him crickets and mealworms, changes his day & night lights and cleans out his "auditorium" (as she calls it)  - all without being asked!  She also made a little sign for the side of his habitat with his name and a picture of a tiger (not a lizard!).

Our DD is completely smitten - she peeks in and tends to Tiger throughout the day.  And since returning back to school a few days ago, she loads him up on the care in the morning since she's going to be away for several hours.

I'm such a proud Mama (er, Grandma)!

Welcome to our family, Tiger!


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