Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ice Cream Sundays - {eggnog}

I made eggnog ice cream around the holidays, and promptly got busy with other things and left it sitting in our freezer for much longer than ice cream is accustomed to sitting and waiting around here.  So, this morning, discouraged by a photoshoot gone awry, I decided it was eggnog ice cream's time, and enjoyed it for breakfast (ahem).

The recipe is, of course, from The Perfect Scoop, which is the perfect ice cream book.  The flavor is  almost buttery and the first thing you taste is the fresh nutmeg.  Surprisingly, it's not "boozy" tasting at all.  Perhaps next time I need to ad lib on the amounts of alcohol that the recipe calls for.

Actually, now that I think about it, we had family over for a fun game night a couple of weeks ago and someone wanted some of our hard alcohol, but needed something to mellow it out.  We pulled out the eggnog ice cream, scooped a few scoops into a glass, and let him pour his own booze.  I imagine that was a very tasty, 21-and-over-only milkshake.

Next time I make it, I must try it with the recommended whiskey caramel sauce - perfect for game night (.....or breakfast).


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