Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Panther - part 2

A few weeks ago I blogged about this little stray kitty we've been taking care of, whom we named Panther.  She has just captured our hearts, this little one.  She has a squeak instead of a meow, she is absolutely tiny (6 pounds, we discovered), has little specs of gray scattered throughout her fur and is quiet a purr-er.

We've been feeding Panther and putting her in our garage at night, all while trying to find a good home for her.  DH and decided that we just can't have a cat right now - it would be way too difficult with Ranger.  One big dog + 2 lizards + all their crickets is enough for us (our 16-year-old cat, Cosmo, passed away in August).  So, we've been trying to find her a good home for a few weeks, by posting her picture everywhere, and telling everyone we know about her.

I feel really fortunate that I was able to secure her a place with a Central Ohio organization called Colony Cats.  They are a no-kill shelter that brings cats to our local pet store for adoption, as well as adopting cats out of their location.  I can't tell you how grateful I am to have her going to Colony Cats, where she will be in good hands while waiting for the right family to adopt her.  And she's such a sweetie, I have no doubt that it won't take long.

Unfortunately, right after Colony Cats contacted me to accept her, there was an accident in our garage during the night - a tire (with the rim) somehow fell on Panther.  When I found her in the morning, her leg was trapped underneath.  I got her out immediately, and she spent the day resting on her bed in the garage.  I'm happy to say that her leg appeared to be fine the next day, and that she was walking around and moving without any difficulties.  I think she might have got hit in the face with the tire as well, but her little face was looking back to normal after her day of rest.  She's a resilient little thing, for certain.  We figure she only has 8 lives left at this point.

This morning, we took Panther to the vet to have her tire-injuries looked at and to get her vaccines and get spayed.  This was the last time we will see her, as she will be at Colony Cats from now on, until she finds her forever-home.  Can I tell you how sad I've been all day to give up this little one who has touched our hearts so very much in just a few weeks?  I thought the Bachsters would have a hard time giving her up, but it turns out, that I'm the one who is missing her the most (and seriously, I'm not even a big "cat person").

It's really amazing how pets can touch our hearts - which brings me to the next subject - Book Nook.  In all my worries about Panther, I forgot to do my usual Monday post.  And this week, I thought the perfect book would be one that celebrates animal warm-fuzzies.

True Love: 24 Surprising Stories of Animal Affection by Rachel Buchholz:

The stories are about animals and their devotion to other animals - siblings, parents, friends and mates for life.  Wild animals, pets and even a toy tortoise are featured.  One of the stories that melted my heart was the story of the mother lion who saved her lion cub.  There's also the goose that protects a Highland bull named Hamish, the brave donkey who rescued her sheep friend from an attacking dog.  Also, Jake the duck who traveled 8 miles through snowstorms and rough terrain to reunite with his true love after Jake was given to a neighboring farm.

There are lots of sweet, heartwarming stories in this little book, all with pictures of these amazing, loving animals.

While we are all missing Panther now, I feel a little better knowing that she is being well taken care of, and that one day soon, the right family will adopt her.  And looking through True Love has lifted my spirits quite a bit, too.


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