Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sunday Brunch - {butterscotch pudding}

"Whoa, that's rich.........I like it."

That's what DH had to say when he first tried the butterscotch pudding from the excellent The Craft of Baking.  And they were my thoughts, exactly.

These dreamy little puddings are made with heavy cream (not milk) and egg yolks (not corn starch) - very different from traditional pudding.  You also bake them in a bain-marie.  I wonder if this recipe is identical to pots-de-creme?  Hmmm, I must look into that (and do some baking research to compare as well!).*

One note on the recipe: there must be a typo on the part where you make the butterscotch.  Cooking the sugar/water mixture on high for 15 minutes is a tragic error.  My house smoked up and all was lost about halfway through (the ingredients, that is - not the house!).  So, I re-did the sugar/water combination and set it at medium high and just kept a close eye on it.  Again, about halfway through it was done....but this time it was perfect!

These were delicious both warm and cold - if you can keep them around long enough without being eaten, all they need is a quick stir to restore their consistency.  But it's very difficult to keep them for any length of time after you eat the first one, so this probably won't be of concern.

This is one of my favorite recipes of the year.......I'm never making traditional pudding again!

*I couldn't wait to look up some recipes, so I can tell you - these are pots-de-creme.  Our author just calls them pudding.  I really don't think the word pudding does them justice.  I don't think my photo does them justice either - perhaps I should make them again to re-shoot?  Brilliant idea!

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