Friday, January 17, 2014

Ruffle scarf

2013 was not my year, knitting-wise.  I was very unproductive, working on a little here and there, but never really finishing anything of substance.  I had some great ideas, had some big plans, bought some new yarn, but in the end, didn't have much to show for it.

So, I'm very thrilled to show you that I did have one FO (Finished Object) for 2013: a ruffle scarf requested by DD.  We spotted this yarn (Starbella Flash) at Joann's sometime in the Fall.  DD begged me to get it and teach her how to knit a scarf with it.  So, we did buy it, but I knew it wouldn't be a good yarn for learning how to knit with, so I plotted to make it for her in secret!

Once I figured out how to actually use the yarn, it was a quick & easy project.  It's like knitting with netting, and it takes some getting used to.  There is an online video from Premier Yarns that helped me out a lot - thank you, online knitting tutorials, what would I do without you!?

The pattern calls for casting on 8 stitches, but some reviewers commented that their scarves were a bit too short.  So, I cast on 6 stitches, to make a longer, narrower scarf (which I figured would work better for little 8-year-old shoulders anyway).  It turned out pretty long - 68 inches - and I think it grows a bit every time she wears it because the yarn is heavy enough to pull it down.  So, I think if I were to make another one, I'd try a cast on of 7 stitches as a compromise!

I'm happy to say that DD loves her scarf.  She wears it just about every day with her jaunty hot-pink hat (just visible in one of the shots).  She's my little fashionista, this one.

By the way, I did teach DD to knit over her Christmas break from school.  We used big size 10 needles and a soft merino wool, and she's knit maybe about 10 rows with it.  Then she set it down and moved on to other things.  Like mother, like daughter, if my 2013 knitting progress has anything to say about it!


If you're on Ravelry, here's the link to my projects page, where you can see this project & all 28 others!


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