Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday Brunch - {fudge in a jar}

I've been trying to eat low-carb lately, and it is tough.  All the yummiest foods are carbs!  Well, I can give up bread products without too much fuss, but sweets.....sweets. I'm a big sweet tooth, so it's a challenge for me to give up sweets. 

So, I've been looking around lately for low-carb recipes, and I came across a blog devoted to healthier desserts.  Of course, I just had to try some of them!

The recipe that really caught my attention is chocolate fudge in a jar from the blog Chocolate Covered Katie (here's the link).  It's a very simple recipe: take a jar of almond butter, mix in coconut oil and cocoa, along with a bit of salt and vanilla and Stevia, then stick it in the fridge.  So simple!  I love that it's low-carb, and uses Stevia as the sweetener (I'm a little scared of artificial sweeteners).  But, this recipe comes with a big caveat: it's best only if you are following a low-carb diet.  If you're eating your normal diet, this fudge won't seem very sweet to you.  But if you've been off sugar for a while, this will be a real treat.

I also like that it all mixes up (and stores in the fridge) in its original jar.  And, there's leftover almond butter, so you could easily make a second batch in another jar if you wanted to.  Two jars of low-carb fudge?  Sounds good to me - and my sweet tooth!


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