Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday Brunch - {crème brûlée}

Crème brûlée on New Year's Day.....

So goes my very goofy (and very short) poem about crème brûlée.  I make it every New Year's Day, not for the Bach-tradition of it, not for the wonderful deliciousness of it.  No, I make it simply because it rhymes.  I'm a little quirky that way.

Perhaps a food that inspires poetry should be put in its own category: nourishment and muse.  Certainly, crème brûlée is perfection: caramelized sugar acting as a barrier to the rich & creamy custard below.  We're all divided on using granulated sugar (which is traditional) vs. brown sugar on top, so everyone in the Bach house gets their choice.  I also add a bit of vanilla bean to the recipe I use, which is from The Best Recipe.  It's so easy & turns out great every single New Year's Day (I mean, every single time)!

Maybe we shouldn't only stick to tradition.  There's no reason crème brûlée can't be enjoyed on a day other than New Year's.  Crème brûlée on SaturdayCrème brûlée in the month of May.  Or, how about crème brûlée everyday?

I could easily do that last one!


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