Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday Brunch - {clementine-vanilla bean loaf cake}

I must be hardwired to bake when it's cold outside.  Around Christmas time, it was snowy, it was chilly, the Bachsters were off school, and I had every single ingredient on hand needed for clementine-vanilla bean loaf cake.  I didn't need asking twice!

The recipe is from Martha Stewart's Cakes, which was a birthday gift I received in the Fall, and I was itching to make something from it.  I ended up choosing this recipe (as mentioned, since I already had all the ingredients), but also because it sounded really good and the timing was perfect to serve it at our family holiday party (to ensure that I wouldn't personally eat all of it myself).

I did end up serving it at the party, garnished with clementine slices (because it sort of looks like a loaf of bread otherwise).  And it was really good, with a hint of citrus flavor.  In fact, the flavor and texture improved as it aged (and I can attest to this, because this was my breakfast for a few days!).

Hmmmm....I think we have a bunch of clementines in the fridge.........butter, yes.......vanilla beans, yes............


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