Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Camping at Salt Fork State Park

Last week, the Bach family went on a little camping adventure at Salt Fork State Park in Ohio.  We've never taken the kids camping before, but we thought they would enjoy it.  DH bought a little pop-up trailer (which he promptly dubbed The Mobile HQ) and we headed out for a few days of hiking, swimming & s'mores-ing.  Here are a few shots from our trip.

The Bachsters all buried each other in the sand on the beach: 

Our 7-year-old found the coolest caterpillar right by our campsite:

Silver lining:

DH planned and cooked all our meals - it was a nice break for me:

One morning we woke up to beautiful, foggy campgrounds:

Waiting patiently at the marina:

We rented a pontoon boat for a couple of hours - everyone had so much fun exploring the lake:

Ranger's ears flapping in the breeze:

We let the kids swim off the boat - a daring rescue in progress:

We enjoyed a big campfire every evening:

Here's a shot of our pop-up......I mean, Mobile HQ:

Our last day at the park, we found our own little "secret beach" - we were the only ones there, so we let Ranger run around & go wild.  Our 7-year-old amassed quite a collection of shells:

One of everyone's favorite part of the trip was watching Ranger go from timid around the water to all-out goofy, jumping, exuberant water-dog:

We hiked....we swam....we heard owls and coyotes at night.....we saw a million stars......we couldn't get enough s'mores.....we saw lots of deer and butterflies........we already want to go back.


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