Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Not Mother's Day, Not My Birthday

Monday was not Mother's Day, nor was it my birthday.  But for some unknown (yet wonderful) reason, our 7-year-old decided that she would make me breakfast-in-bed that morning.  She told me about her plans the night before, so I had plenty of time to talk to her about not using the stove....she wanted to make my usual, cheesy scrambled eggs.  Which would have been a big mess (not to mention safety hazard) without me helping her.

But she got creative, and put together a lovely continental breakfast.  On the tray were toast, butter and the last of our homemade strawberry jam on the side, a slice of cantaloupe, a whole peach, a glass of very cold water........and leftover salmon patties!  Dessert was chocolate chips mixed with mini marshmallows, topped with brown sugar.

It was the best breakfast ever.


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