Monday, July 22, 2013

Book Nook - Just Like Me Knits

Just Like Me Knits: matching patterns for kids and their favorite dolls, by Brandy Fortune:

It's been so long since I sat down and looked through a new knitting book, and doing so with Brandy Fortune's Just Like Me Knits was pure pleasure.  While I have not yet knit any of the projects from the book, I think my knitting queue is about to expand!

The idea behind the book is to knit matching items for children and their dolls.  I suppose you could outfit their favorite stuffed animal if they aren't into dolls (the Bachsters never played with dolls much, but have always loved stuffed animals).  The Waldorf dolls in the book are adorable, and I can see how a little boy or girl would be thrilled to have a special handknit for them and their favorite doll.  Of course, you could just omit all the doll patterns, and there are still a ton of wonderful items for your kiddos.

Of all the patterns, the one I like the best is a simple stockinette sock called the James Mixed Up Socks.  As soon as I saw them, I thought how great it would be to make each of my Bachsters handknit socks for the holidays.  Wishful thinking, I know, but I love that idea and I might just go for it.  Hello, queue!

There are lots of cute sweaters and vests, hats, a skirt, a shrug - even a mermaid tail!  I'm reminded, as I look through the book, that I should try to get more handknits on my Bachsters - they are growing so fast, and I should make the effort now, while their bodies are little and require less yarn!  I'm kidding, but this is just the book that would inspire any knitter to grab their needles and knit up something special for a loved one.



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    1. I absolutely loved your book! Gorgeous knits accompanied by gorgeous photos - what's not to love?