Sunday, July 21, 2013

Ice Cream Sundays - {basil ice cream with honey pine nut pralines}

When I went to the Worthington Farmers Market a week ago (here's the link to the post), I brought home a big bunch of basil.  It was so fragrant and plentiful, I used it in a couple of recipes, but still had a ton left over.  What to do, what to do?  Make ice cream, of course!

The basil ice cream recipe is from David Levobitz's The Perfect Scoop.  When I first saw the recipe, I thought I should give it a try when I'm feeling a little adventurous.  Then, I saw a basil ice cream recipe in Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams at Home that added honey pine nut pralines in the mix.  I just had to try it!

So, the basil ice cream recipe is from The Perfect Scoop and the honey pine nut pralines are from Jeni's.  They go fabulously well with each other: the ice cream has a hint of lemon, which pairs nicely with the basil, and the honey pine nut pralines add wonderful sweetness and texture (I loved that the pine nuts were sort of soft, too).

The pairing was so delicious, that DH insisted on taking some to a colleague at work (and they do culinary research & development, so they know their stuff).  His colleague liked it so much, he took some home to his pregnant wife.  Pregnant women know their stuff, too!

Now, I must get back to get to the Farmers Market to get some more basil while it that I can make more ice cream!


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