Friday, August 23, 2013

1st Place (x2)

I have such good news to share: 2 of our Bachsters won 1st place in the local Graeter's Ice Cream coloring contest!  I'm such a proud Mama!

When the manager called to tell us about DD's first place win for ages 6-9, she probably didn't see that her brother had won in his age group.  So, when we all went to Graeter's to collect her prize and enjoy a celebratory cone, we were all pleasantly surprised that we had not 1 but 2 winners!

Actually, we have 3 little winners, because our 8-year-old was incredibly supportive of her siblings (even though she must have been very upset that she didn't win).  She gave them hugs and told them great job and showed no signs of jealousy.  That's a commendable accomplishment in itself, and another proud Mama moment.

Our oldest DD did a drawing of zombies eating ice cream at the cemetery!  Our 8-year-old did hills and trees and a fancy person in the truck.  And Little Dude drew a tree with a bug jumping out of it beside the Graeter's truck.  Here are their entries:

And here are our little artists enjoying the fruits of their labor (or in this case, the cotton candy ice cream in a chocolate waffle cone with sprinkles of their labor: 

And yes, they can eat those gigantic cones, no problem.  They're Bachs after all.  And they do their Mama proud.


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