Monday, August 19, 2013

Book Nook - Living the Good Long Life

Living the Good Long Life - A Practical Guide to Caring for Yourself and Others by Martha Stewart:

I have to laugh at myself: when I saw this book prominently displayed on a shelf at the library, I thought it would be interesting.  I love Martha Stewart's books and magazines, and one about leading a healthy life seemed like something I would enjoy.  I didn't know it was a book geared towards aging adults!

Since I'm rapidly approaching 40, maybe it's a good thing (as Martha like to say) that I accidentally discovered the book.  Goodness knows I could use some help in the healthy-lifestyle-department (as I eat an ice cream sandwich and type this).  This book covers a lot of ground: exercise, diet, overall health, social issues, attitudes towards aging, taking care of an elderly loved one, sickness, and much more.  All of it in regards to aging.  And, because this is Martha, there are also chapters on your home and some favorite recipes.  Think of it as an overall aging manual, Martha-style.

Even though I'm not (quite yet) the target audience for this book, I found it really informative and I believe any adult at any age would appreciate all the great information and advice found here.  From a younger reader's perspective, it's good to stop and think about things in the long-term every now and then.  For older readers, as Martha reassures us, it's never too late to change your ways for the better.

I admire Martha for taking on this topic.  She is living proof that you can age gracefully and remain vibrant, active and healthy, while enjoying a new phase in one's life.  And she's willing to share all her tips, knowledge and secrets with us.

One of the things Martha shares is a quote by Edith Wharton that sums up all the themes in the book quite nicely: "One can remain alive long past the usual date of disintegration if one is unafraid of change, insatiable in intellectual curiosity, interested in big things, and happy in small ways."  It's a wonderful attitude, one that we can strive for whether we're 70, 100 or (almost) 40.


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