Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday Brunch - {buttermilk pancakes}

Last week, I hinted that I was going to change my Sunday posts around a bit.  I loved doing Ice Cream Sundays, and as much as I love making and eating ice cream, I felt ready to tackle other recipes & share with you some of my favorites.

So, welcome to "Sunday Brunch!"  Every Sunday, I'll share a favorite recipe & some pictures - maybe you'll want to try the recipe too or share a similar one.  That would be wonderful!  And while I'm calling it "brunch" it's not always going to be breakfast-y kinds of items.  And, it's not always going to be bright & early in the morning, although I will try......sometimes, it's going to to be more like Sunday "late night snack" (like today's post) - oh well!

So, let's chat about buttermilk pancakes, shall we?  This is our absolute favorite breakfast around here, always requested on special days like birthdays or holidays.  And they are so easy to make - I often make them on school mornings because they are so fast to prepare (and the smell of pancakes on the griddle is sure to get even the sleepiest sleepy head up and dressed in no time flat).  Once you make them a couple of times, you'll start to go through the motions with just a mere glance at the recipe.  I hope that one day I can make them from memory, like my mom used to do with her go-to pancake recipe when I was a kid. 

The recipe I use is from Martha Stewart (I get out the original version, from the February 1998 magazine when I make them.  I keep the magazine on my cookbook shelf.  And it's all stained and tattered from lots of use).  Follow the recipe exactly (don't over-mix) and you will have the best buttermilk pancakes'll never want to go out to eat for pancakes again, because no other pancakes will measure up.  Which is kind of a bummer because I love ordering pancakes whenever we go out for breakfast.  But, as Martha says, it's a good thing - now you can have them at home, whenever you want.  Even Sunday, late at night. 


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