Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Ohio State Fair - 2013

A couple of weeks ago, DH & I took the Bachsters to the Ohio State Fair.  It was a very, very crowded Sunday, but the weather was absolutely perfect for it (perhaps that's why it was so crowded?).  We went to the fair last year, too - here's the post.

Our game plan was to ride the rides - and we knew where they all were, and which ones we wanted to ride.  We started with the Ferris wheel - here's the view:

The Bachsters each got a wrist band, so that they could ride all the rides they wanted.  They rode the swingy kid-sized helicopters, and went down the giant slide, and rode the caterpillar roller coaster, and the spinning swings:

We saw some interesting fair food:

But the absolute favorite (and probably the one thing the kids were most excited about): cotton candy:

The Bachsters got to pet a kangaroo and ride a pony:

As soon as DD saw the signs to win a hermit crab, that's all that she could talk about.  We told her that we would try to win one at the end of the fair, so that we wouldn't have to carry it around with us.  Turns out, each Bachster won one, so now we have 3 new little unexpected pets:

We'll see you again next year, fair!


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