Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sunday Brunch - {warm corn custard with berries}

I love corn on the cob season.  There is nothing like buying fresh corn from a local farmer, cooking it up and eating it with lots of butter and salt.  I buy as much as I think we can eat in a couple of days, and we all gobble it up (except Little Dude - for some reason, he doesn't like corn on the cob.  I really can't figure out how we ended up with a child who does not like corn on the cob!).

Anyway, with all that corn on the cob, naturally, I can't help myself but to look around for corn recipes.  And I found this one for warm corn custard with berries from Deborah Madison's Local Flavors.  This is a great cookbook with recipes for all the goodies you might be bringing home from your local farmers corn (imagine that!).

The recipe is really just like making a homemade custard or pudding - cooking a sweet egg yolk and milk mixture slowly in a water bath.  So, it's a pretty easy recipe.  And the custard is not-so-sweet, which is really nice if that's your thing.  I loved that it was a little corny - it reminded me of corn bread.  DH commented that it was sweet and savory.  The berries and whipped cream on the top are a must.  I used blackberries, as recommended in the recipe, but I think blueberries would be perfect too.

Do you have any family members who just won't eat something that everyone else in the family can't get enough of?



  1. Everyone in my family has something they just won't eat, that the others all love. I won't touch bbq ribs; DH does not like any kind of fish or seafood; older DD will not eat tomato sauce or tomatoes; younger DD will not allow any creamy white sauces to get past her lips. We work around it!

    1. It makes meal planning difficult when there's an odd person out! I'm glad to hear you can work around it. The only solution I've ever been able to come up with is: get a bowl of cereal then!