Friday, October 18, 2013


I have some good news to share - my shots are on the covers of Country Living Magazine's September and October issues!

Here's the September issue:

This shoot was done at Lynd's Fruit Farm in Pataskala Ohio in late July.  I had the whole orchard to myself and shot away contentedly for a couple of hours until it started to rain.  Then, I visited Lynd's market and bought some of the best cheese ever, and delicious peaches for our peach-loving 10-year-old.

I didn't realize how huge that wooden crate actually was until I started filling it with apples!  I had purchased a bunch of apples at the store, but I ended up gathering up lots of fallen apples to fill up that big crate.  I actually had two crates, but it took so long to fill up the first one, I decided to let the other crate sit it out in my car!

Thank you again, Lynd's!

For the October shot, DH and I went to Mansfield Ohio to shoot at the Ohio State Reformatory.  DH was a real trooper, carrying some of my gear and agreeing to be a "ghost" in some of the shots.  I even made him run back into the building and go up 3 or 4 flights of stairs because I didn't get one of my shots just right.  Not to mention we were there for several hours shooting - thank you again, DH!

The Reformatory is an abandoned prison.  If you've ever seen the movie The Shawshank Redemption, this is where they shot it (very good movie, by the way).  Of course, it doesn't look anything like it did in the film.  There is rust, dust, peeling paint, asbestos, broken windows and such.  But it is a really fascinating place.  I processed most of my shots as HDR, and for some reason, I can't save them as JPEGs.  So, you'll just have to settle for a few out-takes - sorry!

This shot was on the way up to the tuberculosis ward, which us normally closed off to visitors.  The folks at the Reformatory gave us all-access, however, which was so incredibly nice of them.  I just really love this shot for some reason (this is SOOC - straight out of camera):

I tried to get some spooky shots for the magazine, since it was for the October issue.  The Reformatory is pretty spooky as-is, so it wasn't too much of a challenge!  This shot was in the solitary confinement area, which was one of the creepiest parts of the Reformatory.  I definitely wouldn't want to get trapped in there!

Here is the link to Country Living Magazine, if you'd like to see the October cover shot (there's also a second shot in the article about the Reformatory).  If you do check out the magazine, please check out some of the past issues - I also have shots in Food Scene in the Jan.-Sept. issues.


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