Thursday, October 31, 2013

New yarn!

I have no business buying new yarn.  Like many knitters, I have a big stash of yarn from various projects completed, hibernating and plotted.  I have enough yarn in my stash to keep me busy for a very, very long time.  But where's the fun in that?

Recently, I was going through some stacks of old papers and came across a design for an afghan that I had forgotten all about.  I've been wanting to do another afghan lately, this one for the 8-year-old, and this design was just perfect for her (maybe I even created it with her in mind, but I just can't recall).  Starting on a new creative endeavor is so invigorating, and with cold weather around the corner, I wanted to get started right away.

I've been wanting to try Quince & Co. yarn for a long time, and it seemed like a perfect fit for my project.  I received my big 'ol box of yarn last week.  The yarn is sturdy yet soft, and I think it will knit up wonderfully.  The colors are beautiful, very true to the pictures on the Quince & Co. website. 

Here is my very colorful selection of Chickadee yarn: crocus, poppy, Carrie's yellow, cypress and parsley:

And the more subdued palette of Osprey yarn: bark, glacier, twig and egret:

I'm going to do some marathon knitting for this afghan, so hopefully I can show you the results soon.


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