Thursday, May 24, 2012

Baby raccoons & peony blooms

There's a lot of flora & fauna activity going on in our neighborhood right now.  A few days ago, our next door neighbor came to our door and told us about the baby raccoons she had living in her backyard.  We all went over, and sure enough, there were 3 little chittering raccoons snoozing and wandering around her yard.  They were so cute, and not at all bothered by our presence.  The Bachsters wanted to take one home as a pet, but we thought better of it.

They were so fuzzy and small (just a little bigger than a kitten) and so noisy - they were chittering constantly.  Mama was probably taking a nap under our neighbor's deck, happy to get a little peace & quiet, I'm sure.

We've also had an explosion of peony blooms the last few days in the neighborhood.  Big, fat gorgeous, fragrant blooms in just about every yard.  I think peonies are probably my favorite garden flower of all - they are so sweet and old fashioned. 

What's happening in your neighborhood these days?


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