Thursday, May 17, 2012

Clintonville - Farmer's Market & Park of Roses

Last Saturday, the Bachsters and I went to the Clintonville Farmer's Market.  Clintonville is a really cute area of central Ohio, with lots of adorable houses and tree-lined streets.  I recently found out about their farmer's market & we just had to go!

We saw lots of green at the market - plants for sale & mixed lettuce for salads:

We ended up buying a Spring salad mix, as well as some radishes (which were quite good roasted in the oven with some olive oil and coarse salt).  And we bought the biggest tomato ever (greenhouse grown):

One of the reasons we wanted to visit the market was to buy some honey from our favorite local beekeeper, Conrad's Honey Farm.  The honey tastes so much better than what you can buy in the store, and since it is not pasteurized, it retains all its nutrients.  We also bought some floating candles, which the Bachsters couldn't resist trying out in the bathtub (not lit, of course!).

We also bought the most amazing grass-fed cheese - I kept referring to it as "salty cheese" because that's what it tasted like - similar to provolone.  I've been snacking on it all week!  There were a couple of bakeries at the market, and I couldn't say no when the Bachsters spotted whoopie pies.  So, we purchased 3 of them and headed down the street to the Park of Roses for a little whoopie pie picnic.

If you are in Central Ohio in early June, you must visit the Park of Roses.  Must.  It's one of our most gorgeous parks, and all the roses are blooming (mid-June, I believe, is the peak).  So we were a little early for the big-blooming, but there were still tons of beautiful roses and flowers to see and smell.

The farmer's market and Park of Roses were veritable treasure trove for the senses.  I can't wait to go back & do it all again!


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