Saturday, May 5, 2012

Plan B (and C)

All week, I've been looking forward to going to a farmer's market in Columbus that I recently found out about.  I made sure to get up early this morning and get all my things gathered: re-usable bags; a fully charged camera; a cooler in the car for all those pastured eggs I planned to buy; 3 kids excited to buy honey from our new favorite honey farm.  We were all set.  And then we came across an unexpected road closed (actually, they closed a major interstate highway - I-71, for construction, as I later found out).  No problem, I told the Bachsters, we'll just head there through downtown Columbus.  But little did I know, there was a half-marathon in progress and practically all the downtown roads were closed.  We managed to get back on the highway, in the direction of home, but we were all feeling very defeated and disappointed.

On to Plan B!

After throwing out some suggestions, there were two that sounded good: go to our favorite garden center or head to the playground.  The Bachsters were divided, so I suggested a compromise.....we do both!

Each Bachster was allowed to choose one small flower or plant.  Right away, our oldest knew exactly what she wanted: a cactus.

Little Dude wanted a gerbera daisy, and the 6-year-old decided on a cactus (or maybe it's a succulent) too - which perplexed me - she's a flowery-girl for sure.  I wanted an herb, and chose a lovely sage plant.

(Little Dude has been making this silly sad face in pictures a lot.....I have no idea why!)

Next stop - the playground.  Last year, our city put in all new playground equipment and I've been promising the Bachsters forever that we'd go there.  Today seemed to be as good as any day, and we had the playground all to ourselves almost the whole time we were there, which gave my little ninjas lots of room to run around.

There is a little fudge shop just down the street from the playground, and we headed there after playing for a little treat.  But instead of delicious homemade fudge, we found a sign in the window that said they would be closed all weekend.

On to Plan C!

So, we got frosties and french fries instead.  I know, a world apart from the home grown fruit and veggies we set out to get this morning.  But after our oldest said, "Mommy, I love today" I realized that it didn't matter what the original plan was, as long as we were together, having fun.

I love today, too.


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