Thursday, May 31, 2012

Snakes, dogs & frogs

With all the computer problems we've had this year, I am just now getting around to posting these pictures from a family outing in March.  These shots have been sitting safely in my camera since then, which has been a more secure option that the computer, until recently.

Anyway, one very warm March day, the Bach family visited our newest Metro Park, Walnut Woods

When we visited, only a biking/walking trail had been completed.  I'm not sure what features the finished park will have......we'll just have to go explore it again to find out.  But the completed trail made for an enjoyable family walk, through rows of trees (the park ranger told us that the land used to be used for farming and lumber).

The most surprising thing about our walk was that the path led us around several vernal pools.  The frogs were so loud....loud enough to make us all cover our ears at one point during the walk.  Yet, we never saw any of the frogs.  So, instead of a frog shot, I bring you more trees:

We're always looking for fun walks that we can bring Ranger along with us, so we were happy to find out that dogs are allowed on the trail.  The walk really wore him out (as well as the meet & greets with other dogs on the trail that afternoon):

When we started out on our little hike, the park ranger mentioned to us that they've been seeing snakes on the trail, warming themselves in the late afternoon sun.  And sure enough, as we came to the last stretch of trail, we saw a little snake right in the middle of the road.   The funny thing is, as we all crouched down and looked at it, Ranger never did see it.....which is probably a good thing.  Exuberant puppies and snakes don't go well together.

Walnut Woods, we'll be back again soon!


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