Monday, December 9, 2013

Book Nook - Christmas Crafting with Kids

Christmas Crafting with Kids: 35 projects for the festive season, by Catherine Woram:

You know what I love best about Christmas Crafting with Kids?  DD, age 8, picked it out herself at the library and proceeded to find an interesting craft project all on her own, and completed it without any help from me.  How's that for autonomy?

This is really a neat little holiday craft book.  There are lots of fun projects in it, and most of them seem pretty easy for kids to pull off on their own (there are some sewing projects & a gingerbread house that might be a little more intensive).  Most of the projects are easy-peasy, with darling, I-made-this-myself results.  DD's project was a homemade snowglobe from an old jelly jar.  And as I mentioned, she did everything herself (including wrapping it - it's all ready to go for DH to open on Christmas).  Because so many of the projects are simple, and use easy-to-find materials that you probably already have, this is a great book to get crafty gift and decorating ideas from.  And it would be especially handy to have during those several days when the kids are off of school, before Christmas arrives.  They are always looking for fun holiday activities then.....well, here's 35 of 'em!

Of course, I can't not notice the photography, and I really like the photos here, especially because all the child models see to really be enjoying themselves (and also, many of them are concentrating on their project with a lot of intensity!).  They seem to be having a lot of fun, which is what this book is all about.

Have you & your family been doing any holiday crafts this season?


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