Monday, December 30, 2013

Sunday Brunch - {best of 2013}

Like most people, at the end of the year, I can't help but do a little reflecting.  Thinking back on the past year, what was good, what wasn't so good, what do I take with me to the next year, and what have I completely forgotten.  This is where having a blog comes in handy, as I can can just peruse through my post titles to jog my memory!

Anyway, every year, I look back on certain features of my little blog and do a "best of" - books, recipes, photos, etc.  My foodie interests were divided this year - half of the year was devoted to ice cream, the other half to other recipes.  So, here are a few of my favorites from 2013......

From Ice Cream Sundays:

Crème brûlée ice cream - I'm especially thrilled about this "recipe" since I thought of it myself - vanilla ice cream treated like crème brûlée, with carmelized sugar on top of rich vanilla ice cream.  Every New Year's Day, I make crème brûlée (solely because it rhymes - I'm goofy like that); perhaps for 2014 I'll branch out and make crème brûlée ice cream!  Here is the link to the post.

Brown butter ice cream - Goodness, this ice cream is wonderful!  I tried the recipe back in the Spring, made it for DH for his birthday in June because he loved it so much, and then recently considered making it for homemade Christmas gifts (instead, I went with the far more transportable homemade caramel sauce from here).  But that's the thing about brown butter ice cream.  When you ask yourself what is a really great ice cream to make for a special celebration or holiday, this one always makes the list.  Here's the link.

Peanut Butter Milkshakes - Just the other day, the subject of milkshakes came up, and every single person in the Bach family waxed poetic about my peanut butter milkshakes.  Everyone, including Ranger.  The easiest recipe ever (vanilla ice cream + peanut butter) somehow transforms into this magical concoction.  It was so worth getting robbed out of my fair share of babysitting money just to get the recipe. Here's the link.

From Sunday Brunch:

You might have picked up on the fact that I have a sweet tooth, with all these sweets and desserts I go on and on about!  I do love my sweets, but I'm also trying to eat healthy (er, not until 2014.  You don't have to do your resolutions until after the new year, right?).  Anyway, I'm always really excited when I find a savory recipe that I love - here are a few:

Butternut squash soup - I ate this entire recipe myself, with the exception of one tiny bowl I allowed DH to have (don't worry, it wasn't all in one sitting!).  This is how real cooking feels to me: simple ingredients and a lot of work, with amazing results.  Here's the link.

Caprese salad - DH and I went to a wedding a couple of weeks ago, and they served caprese salad at the reception.  Why had I forgotten all about caprese salad?  It's so simple and so delicious and so good for you.  Here's the link.

Broccoli Slaw - I'm cheating here a little because this recipe was on Book Nook, not Sunday Brunch.  No biggie, because I really need to tell you how great this recipe is.  I make it all the time.  This is the only recipe that will get me to eat raw broccoli, something I've never liked before.  DH commented the other day, "I don't think I'll ever get tired of this."  I agree!  Here's the link. 

Favorite tried-and-true recipe:
Buttermilk pancakes - I make these pancakes probably once a week.  One of these days (soon) I'm going to need to double the recipe for my little big eaters.  I love that I'm passing down happy-pancake-memories to the Bachsters, just like my mom did with me when I was a pancake-eating-kid.  Here's the link.  

 Favorite new recipe:
Butterscotch pudding - The other day, I made traditional chocolate pudding (with milk and cornstarch).  While I was making it, I was actually dreaming about this recipe for butterscotch pudding, and wishing I was making it instead.  It's so fabulous, and delicious, and marvelous (and any other positive -ous words you can think of) that it felt a little sacrilege to be making something other than butterscotch pudding.  Here's the link.

What are some of your favorite recipes from 2013?  


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