Monday, June 14, 2010

Book Nook - The Creative Family

Hi readers,

Both the Bach Girls just recently finished school & are out for the summer.  And I've been hearing these questions a lot:  "what can I do?" or "what can I eat?" - they are pretty bored already!  So, I've been thinking that I'll plan some organized activities with them this summer (usually, we just veg out).  I'd like to do a "field trip" once a week, an art project once a week and daily reading & journal writing - just like school!  So Amanda Blake Soule's book, The Creative Family, is incredibly timely.

I didn't realize all the great projects there are in this book until I started reviewing it one more time before it went back to the library.  The Bachsters are very artsy (as just about every kid is), so I'm sure they'll love doing the stuffed art project - taking their art and stuffing it into a toy.  As I'm a knit-lover (obviously) I want to teach them the finger knitting.  I know they would all love the placemat project, too - so that's another one for the list.  I've never done felting, so that might be a fun one for all of us.  I also love the idea of making pillows or other embroidery projects with the  kids' artwork - what a wonderful way to use it as an everyday item and see their art all the time versus saving it in a box.  That project will be a fun collaboration!

There are many things that we, as parents, can do to help our childrens' creativity - like the art-on-the-go bags.  It never occurred to me to take art supplies out & about with us, but I'm sure they would love to create just as inspiration hits them - like on a nature walk.  What a neat idea!  Or, setting up a nature table based on the season.  Our little ones always bring in stuff they find out in the world - why not have a designated space for them to enjoy it all?  So many of the ideas in the book seem so obvious & easy, I kept thinking I should have thought of that!  But I didn't, so thank goodness for Amanda Blake Soule!

A couple of more great ideas from the book, and then I promise I'll stop gushing already:  doorway theatre, fairy houses, henna art, love letters from parents on birthdays, joy jars and treasure boxes.  There are so many creative ideas packed into this book!  The Soule family must be an incredibly fun family to grow up in - maybe with a little help from SouleMama (here is her crazy-popular blog that I visit frequently) we can get some creative-mojo here at the Bach Haus!

Do you have any fun, creative projects planned for this summer?

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