Friday, June 11, 2010

I'm really kicking myself...

Hi readers,

Today, I took the kids to the library and afterward, we went for a walk at Blacklick Woods Metro Park.  I decided not to bring my camera because I didn't want to leave it in the car while we were at the library and I didn't want to mess with bringing it in.  I figured we were just going for a short walk in the woods, chances are there wouldn't be too much to see.

I was very wrong about that.  About halfway through our walk, a scuffle just off the path caught my attention.  At first, I thought it was a couple of birds fighting & chasing after each other.  But as we watched, it appeared to be a bobcat catching a bird!  I know how crazy that sounds!  Bobcats are rare in Ohio, and this is a metro park in a suburb of Columbus.  Here is an interesting article about the bobcat population in the state.

Anyway, I got a pretty good look at it and it sure looked like a bobcat to me.  What a great opportunity to get a picture - even a bad picture would've been golden - of a rare big cat native to the state.  Oh, yeah, that's right....I was camera-less!  I am really kicking myself and have vowed to never go anywhere without my Nikon again!

My 4 year old also got a pretty good look at it, but she doesn't really know what a bobcat is vs. a domestic house cat.  We went to the nature center after our hike and I asked the naturalist about it.  He thought maybe we saw a domestic cat that lives in the park - he said there is one that looks like a wild cat and has lost part of its tail.  That is certainly a possibility that I'm not ruling out.  I just wish I had gotten a picture of it so that I would know for certain!

Have a nice Friday!

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