Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bowling, Birthday, Blooms & Baking

Hi readers,

My daughter had her 5th birthday over the weekend and we partied hearty!  On Saturday, we had a party for her & some of her school friends at the local bowling alley.  She was hesitant to bowl at first, but quickly got into it & had a great time.  Here is a pic of our Bach Girls bowling:

They gave her a silly birthday-girl hat at the bowling party, which she loved.  Here's my big 5 year old showing off the latest design trend:

On Sunday, I made her a homemade birthday cake.  Little Guy decided to try it ahead of time:

Later that day, we went to Inniswood Metro Park & Gardens in Westerville.  If you ever get the chance to go there, do!  It's beautiful!!!  Our birthday girl chose to go there on her birthday so she could explore the secret garden.  Here is a pic of some lovely blooms by Granny's House at Inniswood:

One of her b'day presents was an easy bake oven, so we had fun making cookies on Monday.  Those little ovens crack me up - they bake one cookie at a time & it takes like 20 minutes between the baking and cooling....per cookie!  But the Bachsters didn't care, they were in charge of the kitchen!  Here are a couple of pics from our baking day:

Birthdays never seem to last for just one day around here, and I'm glad that my little one enjoyed her birthday-days so much!  And she still has another gift coming: my surprise knitted toy, which sadly, I did not finish in time (but not for lack of trying)!

For now, it's time for this completely-pooped-out Mom to take a break!

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