Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Hi readers,

I've been working on a big knitting project (or actually, a series of smaller projects under one big "umbrella" of a project) for about a year now & I keep getting sidetracked.  First, it was a Harry Potter scarf for Halloween (totally worth it - I'll have to share some pics), the knitted globe and now another project jumping line in the queue.  I'm knitting a little birthday surprise for my daughter, who is getting ready to turn 5.  I'll share more when the project is all done, but for now, I can say that I've taken on designing & knitting a toy for her - and I have one week to do it!  I'm pretty delusional, I know.

The yarn I'm using is Plymouth Yarn Dreambaby DK, found in abundance at my LYS.  I've used this yarn on several other projects in the past (a baby blanket, a knitted vest and a scarf, to name a few) & I've been really happy with it.  It's soft, there are lots of colors and it's inexpensive.  Usually I don't go for acrylics or nylon or anything, but this one is worth checking out.  Here's a pic of the yarn I'm using for the project:

Yep, it's just sitting there, on the hammock, slacking away.  Get busy, get knitting....you only have a week!!!

Hope you are having a nice Tuesday!

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