Thursday, December 27, 2012

A year of COSI

Last year, my parents got us a wonderful Christmas gift: money to be used towards a COSI membership.  We've gone several times this year and have enjoyed exhibits like Water, Adventure, Body Worlds, Lego Castle and Big Machines.  We've also taken a couple of fun classes - one on weather & the other on animals (in which we came home with 3 live hissing cockroaches!).  It's been such a blast, I wanted to share some pictures of all our COSI fun:

Little Kid Space is awesome - earlier this Spring, Little Dude and I went to just hang out together:

The Water exhibit, earlier this Summer, was so neat.  We had to hurry through & now I'm kicking myself for not taking our time.  Maybe one day it'll be back!

Outside the water exhibit were gorgeous photographs of the Big Darby Creek, by Mark Romesser (this is my picture of his picture.....I wish I had taken this shot!).  The funny thing is, after admiring his photographs at COSI, I met him at my camera club a month or so later, and then ran into him a few weeks after that!  He is seriously talented and dedicated!

Here are a few from permanent areas: an optical illusion and an area on space robotics:

They have a "wild winds" booth that simulates strong storm winds - if I remember correctly, it gets up in the 70-mph-range:

The following shots were from our fun class on weather.  We made "tornadoes" & barometers and then ate liquid nitrogen ice cream (which was very tasty).  The girls and I loved the class & we want to attend more!

The Bachsters are serious Lego fans, so we absolutely had to go check out the Lego Castle exhibit.  It was a small exhibit, but lots of fun:

I'm not sure what exhibits COSI is planning for 2013, but we'll be there for certain.  We're so lucky to have such an awesome, fun & educational place right in our city!


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