Monday, December 17, 2012

Book Nook - Holiday Entertaining

Holiday Entertaining: inspired recipes & ideas for celebrating the season:


I saw this Williams-Sonoma book on the shelf at the library a few weeks ago & I couldn't resist taking a quick look.  And as soon as I saw it was full of gorgeous photos and delicious sounding recipes, into my library bag it went!

Now, I must admit, I have not yet tried any of the recipes.  But, the book is wonderfully laid out, from Thanksgiving to New Year's Day, there are recipes, ideas for decorating your table, gift suggestions from the kitchen and lists of necessities for your holiday table, like glassware and serving utensils. 

And even though this is a Williams-Sonoma book, it is not at all an advertisement for Williams-Sonoma.  Never once does the team behind the book even hint that the reader should check out the store.  The overall feeling from the store is present, though - a feeling of making wonderful food for our loved ones.  Somewhat surprisingly, for a Williams-Sonoma book, the focus here is on the recipes (and not the cookware or serving dishes).  In most of the pictures, the food is the star and the plate or napkin or serving platter play a supporting role (and are actually nondescript most of the time).  I just love that the cookbook makers didn't take advantage of their name and try to sell us stuff from the store.  Instead, it's just all about the food (and the ambiance).

I'm definitely going to try the butternut squash soup.  Also, the caramelized onion & sour cream dip sounds delicious.  I really want to eat healthier, so I'm putting the spinach salad with orange and roasted beets on my to-make list.  Along those same lines, the frittata with spinach, roasted red peppers and gruyere sounds soooo good.  I'm always on the lookout for good savory breakfast recipes.  And for times when I can't control my sweet tooth (er, all the time, really) there are loads of great recipes - but I really must try the pistachio brittle.  I've never made a brittle with pistachios....I bet that's great!

I love that they put in a diagram of a formal place setting at the end.....I always seem to forget what goes where!  I'll need to know those details as we dig into the holiday feast - perhaps with some of these wonderful recipes on the table.


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