Monday, December 10, 2012

Book Nook - Mason-Dixon Knitting

Mason-Dixon Knitting  Outside the Lines: patterns, stories, pictures, true confessions, tricky bits, whole new worlds, and familiar ones, too by Kay Gardiner & Ann Shayne:


It's been a while since I wrote about a knitting book here, and since I have something big in the works (knitting-wise....check back for more on that), this is a great time for me to dust off one of my favorite knitting books!

My parents actually bought me this book for a present, I think it was for my birthday last year.  Neither of them knows a thing about knitting, so I was pretty impressed that they picked out such a cool book to give me.  First of all, it's a really fun book to read.  Some knitting books are all patterns, with a brief intro before.  But flipping through this book feels like making discoveries, and seeing what fun is in store around the corner.  You'll find titles such as "The Steek: Part of Nature's Plan" or, "A Perfectly Good Use of a Law Degree."  There are lots of patterns, from classic socks and sweaters to eclectic mop covers and knitted cuffs for your rubber gloves.   And, of course, stories.  Ann shared a story about entering a sweater in the county fair, and I also loved her story about her family stocking pattern (and the beautiful updated pattern she provides - I must make that.  6 of them, to be precise, which includes one for the dog).  And there are random bits of fun scattered throughout the book, like a look back at Ann & Kay's personal styles over the years, or "Fair Isle Cam."  I read the entire book from cover to cover because it was so enjoyable and fun.  It certainly lives up to its sub-title!

I thought as a proper thank you to my parents for giving me the book, I would make them something from it: the mitered hanging towel on page 141.  I made one of these for my parents, and one each for my Mom's two sisters.  And then I made one for us.  I just love this pattern!  Want to see some pics?  Here's the post!

I also really like the Metropole knitted coat; the Flapotis scarf is lovely (and I have some of the recommended yarn, Touch just can't stop petting it!).  And the stockings - maybe I'll get to those before next Christmas!


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