Monday, December 24, 2012

Book Nook - Pinhole Cameras / American Grown

This time of year always gets me reflecting on the year past and looking ahead to the upcoming new year, all while trying to be present in all the Christmas activities happening.  I can't help but think Charles Dickens had the same sentiments!

So, as I look ahead to next year, there are a couple of books I happen to have sitting by my big comfy chair which touch on subjects I'm hoping to put some time and energy into.  The first one is Pinhole Cameras: a do-it-yourself guide by Chris Keeney:


DIY sums up the book - it's all about how to make various pinhole cameras, the materials you will need, how to build your cameras, how to make your own darkroom.  Its focus in on the how-to-do, much more than the final product.  But there is a chapter that showcases some really neat pictures the author did using his pinhole cameras, and some of the shots are simply amazing.  So, I'm hooked, and I'm definitely going to shake up my photography world in 2013 by making a pinhole camera (maybe even more)!  I promise to share my pics!

The next book hits on my 2013 gardening endeavor: American Grown: the story of the White house kitchen garden and gardens across America by Michelle Obama:

Yes, I want to plant a garden in our backyard next year!  Even if it's something small, that's ok.  I buy lots of vegetables at the grocery store....why not plant them in the garden instead?  It will save time and money, and be healthier for our family and the environment.  It's a win-win!

This book is packed with soooo much great stuff: the staff behind the White House gardens and kitchen; programs at schools throughout the nation that focus on healthy eating; stories of other community gardens; tips on gardening and learnings from the White House gardens; garden plans and recipes by season; some history behind Victory Gardens and famous White House gardeners, such as Lady Bird Johnson.....the list goes on and on.  There's a lot of inspiration and can-do attitude here.  I can't wait to start our garden in the Spring!

What are some projects you're looking forward to doing in 2013?  Please share!


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