Sunday, December 9, 2012

Ice Cream Sundays - {cookies & cream}

Late in the summer, I made cookies & cream ice cream, which turned out to be one of our top favorites!  The recipe I used is from Sweet Cream and Sugar Cones.  If you like making ice cream at home, you must check this book out (and start with cookies & cream!).  I'm keeping this recipe in a safe place, because I know the need for a crowd-pleasing ice cream will come up again, maybe at the next birthday party or family get together.  Or movie night with DH - really, the opportunities are endless!

I followed the recipe exactly, using Newman's Own cookies and 2% milk instead of the usual whole milk.  Good thing I made a double batch: we devoured it!

The Bachsters had a lot of fun on this in-front-of-freezer photoshoot.  It's not every day that I hand them 3 spoons and have them eat as much as they want:

I also love that this ice cream is all natural (as all recipes from this book, and my other favorite The Perfect Scoop, are).  DD once got sick on a store-bought cookies & cream ice cream and I suspect it was because of all the preservatives, chemicals and yucky stuff that they put in some ice creams (or rather, ice chem).  She remembered that incident and refused to eat cookies & cream ice cream.  That is, until now!


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